Tennessee Residence Only

All Tennessee Resident students that will be attending this course MUST apply with the state prior to attending the class. To apply with the state please visit https://dl.safety.tn.gov/_/#4.  or click on the action button below! 

On you arrive at the State of Tennessee Website, click on Handgun Permits and fill in the information required by the  state. 

If you are using a  mobile device, click on the upper left hand menu tab and then select  Handgun Permits. 

Please bring this application number with you to your class and present it to the instructors prior to class beginning also enter that number in the Student Registration Form.

If you fail to obtain an application number prior to class  beginning you will not be able to attend the course. 

No exceptions can  be made due to this being state mandated. 

*Failure to complete any step in the registration process will prohibit you from being able to complete the class. If you fail to complete the class registration in its entirety, all fees paid will NOT be refundable.