Post Critical Incident

This is just some advice for you following a Critical Incident (Shooting)

Critical Incident (Shooting)

Call 911 

If you carry a firearm, carry a cell phone. 

– Speak slowly and clearly 

– Remember – YOUR CALL IS RECORDED!!! 

– Don’t give your life story 

– Ask for an ambulance and police 

– NO profanity 

– NO racial slurs

**Call Legal Counsel** 

– Remember the Miranda warning does not afford a defense from your testimony 

“What you say CAN AND WILL be used AGAINST you in a court of law.” 

There are various legal plans that you can subscribe to that provide services to CHL and NON-CHL holders. 

First Aid 

You “may” render first aid. 


– Focus on the wound/victim and not the act 

– Stay aware of your surroundings 

DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE! (unless your safety demands it) 

– If you leave the scene, call the police immediately, even if you called earlier. 

– DO NOT go home and wash up

Greeting arriving Police 

– You may holster or store your firearm/weapon afterward, but let the police know upon request 

– DO NOT (if you can at all help it) be standing with a firearm in your hand when they arrive 

– Comply with commands IMMEDIATELY! 

– Hands UP! – Do not attempt to reveal, point to, or draw your firearm unless explicitly commanded to. 

– You may or may not be handcuffed – COMPLY 

– Be cooperative, but follow your legal council’s advice 

Are You Prepared?

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